Getting started guide
Everything you need to know in just over 4 minutes...

1. Connect your database

But first, data. Connect your SQL database, or use our demo data so you can start building notebooks.

2. Your first notebook

Once you have data you can start building a notebook.
Start typing text, dragging in images, and writing SQL into cells to build your first notebook. Just type / to see your options.

3. Customizing visuals

Once you've built your first query you'll want to start visualizing your results. Switch your output to Visual, and expand to go into full edit mode.

4. Control cells and text

In Count, each of your cells acts like a temporary table that can be queried by any other cell. This includes interactive cells like date filters and text boxes.
To make your text even more meaningful, you can link it to your data so it updates whenever your data refreshes.

5. Publish & share

Now we're ready to Publish. You'll notice all your code is nicely hidden away so nothing gets in the way of your story.
You can share the notebook with anyone inside or outside your organisation using their email address. Just invite them using the Share menu.