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Pricing FAQ
Helpful questions about our different workspace plans and how billing works.

What's the difference between the starter and team plan?

The starter plan is primarily designed for individual users that want a way to query their database privately.
The starter plan is totally free and has the same core functionality as the team plan but with the following limitations:
  • Only one user in the workspace.
  • Notebooks cannot be shared externally.
  • The workspace can only have one database connection.
The team plan is designed for teams or professional organisations who wish to share notebooks.

What determines whether a workspace user is billable?

Count only charges for users who can create and edit notebooks in your workspace.
Billable users include:
  • Any workspace Owners
  • Any workspace Admins
  • Any workspace member who has been given edit access in at least one project.
Free users include:
  • Any workspace member who is a viewer in every project they can access.
  • All workspace guests.

How does the two-week trial work?

Users automatically receive a two-week trial of the team plan when they create their first workspace.
If you enter your payment details before the end of the trial, you will begin a subscription to the team plan when the trial ends.
If you do not enter your payment details before the end of the trial, if your workspace only has one user and database connection, it will revert to the free plan and any shared notebooks will become private again.
If your workspace has more than one user and one database connection at the end of the trial and you have not entered your payment details, access to your notebooks will temporarily be restricted until you remove all but one user and database connection from the workspace. You may also decide to upgrade to the team plan at this time. If you do, you will not be charged for any time spent between the end of your trial and the start of your team plan.
A reminder email is sent 3 days before the end of the trial notifying you of the above actions.

Can I extend my trial?

In certain circumstances we can extend your trial beyond the two-week default period. Please contact us before the end of your trial if you'd like to discuss this further.

When is the monthly payment for my plan processed?

The subscription fee is billed at the beginning of a billing period on the same date each month. The billing period begins when your trial ends, or when you begin a subscription.

Do you offer annual subscriptions?

We currently don't offer automatic annual subscriptions through the Count platform. However we can offer annual subscriptions at a discounted rate to users above a $500/mo contract size. Please get in contact if you'd like to discuss this further.

What happens if I add or remove a team member?

If you're adding a team member mid-way through a billing period you will be charged a prorated monthly cost of the member at the end of the billing period.
Example: If you have two members in your team (costing $20/mo) and you add a third halfway through the month, your next invoice would be $70 (3 members at $20/mo for the upcoming billing period plus $10 for the half month your third member had access to Count from the previous period).
If you remove a team member mid-way through a billing period you will be refunded a prorated amount in your next invoice. If your refund is less than your next billing period's cost then you will receive a credit to your balance.
Example: If you have 10 members in your team (costing $20/mo) and you remove 8 of them halfway through the month, your workspace balance would be $40 in credit (a refund of $10 for each of the 8 removed users prorated, minus the $40 for the remaining two users for the upcoming billing period).

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment we will notify you that your account is in deficit. For the next 30 days we will automatically attempt to take payment using the card details you've supplied. During this period you can still use your workspace as normal.
At the end of this 30 day period your workspace will be locked. You will still be able to access your workspace but will not be able to access any notebooks.
When you provide new payment details we will take payment for the period the payment was due and the next billing period.

What happens if I cancel my team plan?

You can cancel your team plan at any time from the billing settings in your workspace. Your workspace will revert to the starter plan immediately, and your workspace balance will be credited for the time unused in the remainder of the billing period.
When you cancel your team plan any additional workspace members will be removed, and any shared notebooks will become private again.

Do you offer refunds?

We don't offer refunds. If you cancel a team plan before the end of the billing period, any unused time is applied as credit to your workspace balance.
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