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Anyone can add comments to a published or unpublished notebook. Comments can be added to:
  • SQL and drag/drop cells
  • Interactive controls
  • Individual lines of a text block
  • Images and videos
You are able to comment on a notebook if
  • You are authorised to view the notebook, and are at least a guest of the notebook workspace
  • You are viewing the notebook on a device with a large enough display

Adding comments

Adding comments to a notebook element.
To add a comment, hover over any part of the notebook element and the comment icon will appear on the right. If that notebook element has existing unresolved comments, the comment icon will always be visible.
Comments are grouped into Conversations, and when a new conversation is created it is initially open, and appears under the 'Open' tab. Conversations can be resolved by clicking the 'Resolve' button, and resolved conversations appear under the 'Resolved' tab. Resolved conversations can be re-opened manually, and are automatically re-opened if a new comment is added to them.


Add a mention by typing the @ key
When writing a comment, you are able to mention any member of the workspace by typing the @ key - a searchable autocomplete list will appear. Press the Tab or Enter keys, or click a member to add a mention to your comment.


When you submit your comment, the following users will be sent an email:
  • The creator of the notebook
  • Anyone who has contributed a version of the notebook
  • Anyone who has commented in the current conversation
  • Anyone that is mentioned in your comment
If a user is no longer able to view the notebook, they will not receive an email notification of your comment, even if you mention them in it.
To stop receiving email notifications about comments, disable them workspace-wide from your account settings.

How comments work with notebook versions

Comments are independent of notebook contents, so if a cell (for example) is deleted, any comments on that cell are retained, though are not visible. If the cell is recreated when restoring an older notebook version, the comments will become visible again.
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Adding comments
How comments work with notebook versions