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Custom visuals overview

For full power and flexibility.

Introducing the full visual builder:

Below are the main components of the visual builder to take note of:
The visual builder explained

What can you do in this view?

Preview source data

This can be helpful to remind yourself what is in the table you're trying to visualize.

Use cached data (for faster building)

When using the in-memory database you will be creating your visual with the first 10K rows only. This will help speed up the performance while you are creating the visual.
This will always be turned off when you go back to the canvas, meaning no one else will ever only see a partial dataset.

Filter data

If you want to include/exclude certain values in your visual, you can do that using the Filters tab:
You can add as many filters as you want, chained with either and's or or's.

Build a visual!

The following pages will go into the specific areas of the visual builder, but here is a quick preview of how to build a basic visual in the custom visual builder:

Customize/format the visual

Not to be forgotten, in this view, you can completely customize your visuals. See the following page for more details: