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Workspace overview
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Workspaces are a collection of database connections, projects, notebooks and users. They allow an individual or team to create and organise their analysis in one place.
Anyone with a Count account can create or be invited to any number of workspaces. Each workspace is treated as separate billable unit depending whether they are on the Starter or Team plan.

Workspace interface

The layout of the workspace is the same whether the workspace is on the Starter or Team plan.

Workspace selection

Whenever you sign-in to Count you are authenticated for all the workspaces you can access so you can easily switch between them.
By clicking on your workspace name you can:
  • See a list of all the workspaces which you can access and switch between them.
  • Create a new workspace.
  • Accept any pending invitations to join a workspace.

Workspace settings

Workspace settings allow you to:
  • Change your workspace name
  • Control workspace membership and permissions
  • Control billing
Learn more in Settings and billing.

Recent, shared, draft and deleted notebooks

These menus give quick access to notebooks across all your projects:
  • Recent shows a list of the most recent 50 notebooks you've viewed (draft or published), excluding any which have subsequently been deleted.
  • Shared shows all the notebooks that have been shared with you from projects which you do not have access to.
  • Unpublished shows all your notebooks currently unpublished.
  • Deleted shows all the notebooks that have been deleted from the projects where you have have edit access. From this menu you can either delete notebooks forever or restore them back to their project.
Deleted notebooks only show notebooks deleted from active projects. If a project is deleted then the notebooks are deleted forever and are not showed in the Deleted menu.

Database connections

Database connections control what data from your database can be accessed within your workspace. They contain:
  • The user credentials that Count uses to connect to the database.
  • Metadata on the tables Count can access in the database.
  • A number of projects.
Workspaces on the Starter plan can only access one database at a time. Workspaces on the Team plan can have any number of database connections active at one time.
Learn more about how to setup and manage a database connection in Database connection overview.


Projects help you organise and manage your notebooks from a given database connection. They are made up of:
  • A list of notebooks.
  • A group of users who can access the project with different levels of permissions.
  • A list of tables (these can be all or a sub-set of the tables available from the parent database connection).
More information on how projects work can be found in the Projects page.
The workspace search bar allows you to quickly find notebooks and datasets across all the projects you have access to.
You can quickly jump to search from any menu in the workspace using the / command.

Help menu

Use the help menu to access Count's documentation or to chat directly to one of the Count team.
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Workspace interface
Workspace selection
Workspace settings
Recent, shared, draft and deleted notebooks
Database connections
Workspace search
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