Low-code cells

Code less, query faster

Low-code cells provide a quick and easy way to query data without the use of SQL or Python. They combine many of the controls of visual cells with the single-table output of a SQL cell.

Creating a low-code cell

Create a low-code cell by either:

  • Using the X keyboard shortcut to place a new cell

  • Selecting the Low-code cell option from the control bar

  • Clicking on the + icon that appears when the cell is selected and then selecting Low-code cell

How low-code cells work

Low-code cells output a single table just like SQL cells, but their queries are controlled via a UI similar to that for visuals. You can chain low-code cells to each other or any other cell type, and they will update automatically when any of their dependencies change.

First select the base table you want to query, and then either:

  • Drag the columns you'd like to explore into the Columns section

  • Click on each column to add

You can add filters by dragging columns into the Filters section.

You can add columns from multiple tables or cells by using low-code joins.

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