Visual cells

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Visual cells are where you create visualizations in Count. They can be built from other cells, or directly from database tables.

Create a visual cell

Check out the Visualization Overview to see how to create a visual cell.

See the output table of a visual

In any visual, you can toggle between the visual and the table of results. This allows you to see the row-level detail of your visual.

Querying a visual

You can query a visualization to continue your analysis (think: pivot your data, then query the resulting pivot table).

Reference a visual cell by:

  • building a SQL cell that references the visual cell name in the FROM statement, or

  • selecting one of the Reference cell shortcuts near the edge of the selected visual

Visuals that contain more than one mark have multiple queries (and therefore output tables) associated with themΒ β€” one per mark. The output table that is referenced by another cell is that returned by the lowest non-empty mark.

Execute visual queries locally

By default, your visuals will be executed as queries on your data warehouse. If you would prefer to instead perform these queries locally, you may select the Local database option from the cell controls in the right-hand sidebar.

If the visual is built directly from a database table, then this option will not be possible. In this case you should first create a cell that references the database table, then ensure the visual references that cell.

*Gotta love Wikipedia.

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