Text and markdown

Inserting a text box allows you to write and format text with markdown shortcuts.

Inserting a text box

To insert text to the canvas, select the T icon from the toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut t.

Formatting your text

When you select your text, you'll see the options to customize

  • the font size

  • the color

  • the alignment

  • formatting (bold, italics, code input, strikethrough)

  • insert hyperlinks

  • insert linked text

Markdown shortcuts:

When editing a text box, use the following shortcuts to create markdown elements.

  • #+space: Header 1

  • ##+space: Header 2

  • ###+space: Header 3

  • -+space: bullet point

  • >+space: callout

  • ```+space: code input

Text keyboard shortcuts

  • t: insert a textbox

  • command + e: code input format

  • command + b: bold

  • command + i: italics

  • command + control + space: emojis

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