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Templated visuals

The quickest way to visualize your data.

Anatomy of a templated visual

Creating a templated visual

When you create a visual cell, you'll notice an in-line input area. This is where you can build templated visuals.

1. Create a visual cell

The simplest way to create a visual cell is to click the visual shortcut button off of another cell:
Create a visual off of a cell

2. Select template type:

Select the type of visual you want to make using the template selector:

3. Map your columns

Once your template is selected the fields needed to make the visual will appear. This is where you need to map the columns from your table to the visual you're building:
You can use basic aggregations on any column and can group date/time columns in various units (e.g. day, month, year, day of the week).

4. Add Filters

If you want to filter for specific values in your visual, use the filter section:

5. Customize the visual

And finally, you can customize the visual further, including:
  • Add a title
  • Hide the input
  • Edit axis titles, sorting, colors, etc. For more details see the Visual customization page.