Templated visuals

The quickest way to visualize your data.
Once you've created your visual cell, templated visuals are the quickest way to start exploring your data and building out a visual.

How to create a templated visual

Steps 1-4 of creating a templated visual

1. Create a visual cell

See here for all ways to create a visual cell.

2. Select a template

In the design bar on the right there's a selection of xx common templates to choose from.

3. Select the data source

Select the data source you want to build your visual from, this can either be a table from your database or another cell.

4. Choose columns

Drag into the metrics section the columns you want to use in your visual, and select an aggregation type if relevant.
You can use basic aggregations on any column and can group date/time columns in various units (e.g. day, month, year, day of the week).

5. Customize the visual

And finally, you can customize the visual further, including:
  • Add filters
  • Add a title
  • Customize the legends
  • etc.
For more details and a full list of whats possible see the customising a visual page.