Upload CSV files

Upload any CSV file into your canvases.
First, head to a canvas or create a new one.
In the data bar on the left-hand side of the page, you'll see the option to Upload a CSV file. Click this button to open a file browser and select a CSV file to upload. You can also upload multiple CSV files by dragging them onto the canvas from your file explorer.

How to query a CSV file in the canvas?

When a CSV file is uploaded a CSV cell is created. This cell just contains all of the rows from the CSV file.
To query your data you can:
  • create a new SQL query and reference the CSV cell name in your FROM statement
  • create a new visualization that references the CSV cell
To query a CSV cell with SQL you will need to use DuckDB syntax.

Can other people see CSV files I've uploaded?

Any other viewers of your canvas will see the CSV cells you've created.
If you wish to keep your CSV files private, you should use a private project, or make sure you are the only editor of a canvas.