Slack integration

Install the Count app for Slack

To send alert messages to a Slack channel, you will first need to install the Count app for Slack.

Install the app by visiting your user account settings and clicking the Connect Slack button.

Once the app is installed, you will be able to select Slack channels as alert destinations in a canvas.

Read about how Count uses your data in our Privacy Policy.

Use the Count app for Slack

  • To view all canvases that are sending alerts to a Slack channel, type /count list in the channel

  • To remove a canvas from a channel, type /count list and click the Delete subscription button.

Send alerts to private Slack channels

To access private Slack channels, you may need to subscribe to a canvas from Slack rather than Count. To do this:

  • Go to the private channel

  • Invite the Count app for Slack by typing /invite @count

  • Open the subscriptions dialog by typing /count subscribe

  • Choose the canvas you want to subscribe to from the list (you will need permission to edit the canvas)


If you encounter any difficulties using the Count app for Slack, please contact Count support using the in-app chat, or by emailing us at

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