Axis formatting

From the Format menu you can:

  • Change the axis title

  • Sort the axis

  • Adjust the axis scaling (e.g. linear, logarithmic etc.)

  • Adjust the axis range

  • Reverse the axis

  • Format the axis labels

To find the axis formatting menu, you can either:

1. Use the axis menu

Right-click on the axis menu and select Edit axis

2. Use the design bar

Select the ellipses next to the field of the axis you would like to edit, and select Edit axis.

Axis spacing

For categorical axes, find the resizer by moving your mouse between the axis labels until a boundary is highlighted and the cursor changes to a resizer. Then just click and drag to change the spacing between labels:

Rotate axis labels

To rotate axis labels, right-click the axis and select Rotate labels. Labels can only be rotated for discrete mappings.

Hiding/Unhiding an axis

To hide or unhide an axis, right-click on the axis and select Hide axis or Unhide all axes.

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