How to transition from canvas to presentation.

What are reports?

Reports are a way to present frames from your canvas in a presentation-style format that is separate from the canvas.

This is ideal for:

  • Building and sharing slide decks based on findings in the canvas

  • Building and sharing interactive dashboards, notebooks, or data apps

To view a report for a canvas, click the Report button in the canvas navigation bar. To exit the report, click Back to canvas, or use the Esc keyboard shortcut.

How to create a report

Reports are built from frames - create at least one frame in a canvas and the Report button will become active in the canvas navigation bar.

Report options

Next to the Report button on the top right of the canvas is a button to show the report options:

  • Shown in report - choose which frames are included in the report in which order.

  • Hidden in report - these frames are not shown in the report.

  • Show report by default - links to this canvas from your workspace will default to the report URL.

  • Autoplay - enable auto-cycling through frames in this report. This is helpful if your report is designed to be viewed passively.

For each frame that is shown in the report, it is also possible to specify the default viewport for that frame:

Sharing reports

Clicking the Share button while viewing a report opens the report share menu, which behaves very similarly to the canvas share menu except that:

  • Selecting Share to web shares the report publicly, but not the canvas.

  • Inviting a person only shares the report with them, not the canvas.

To share reports with people but not canvases, ensure that the Can view report only option is selected.

Note that other workspace members may be able to view the canvas if the canvas is shared with the project or workspace, or if the project is shared with the workspace.

Commenting on reports

Use the keyboard shortcut C to add a comment, or click the comment icon in the navigation bar:

Any workspace member or guest can comment on a report. Comments made outside of the report frames are not visible in reports, but remain visible in the canvas.

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