Embedding canvases

Embed interactive canvases into any webpage that supports iframes.

Embed canvases

Canvases can be embedded into any website or app that supports iframes, such as Notion, Miro or FigJam. To do so, open the Share menu in the canvas, and select Embed code. Then simply copy the iframe code into the other site and you're all set.

If embeds are disabled in your workspace settings, this button will not be visible.

Control cells can be edited in embedded canvases, which will cause any linked cells or visuals to update (as in Count itself). However, these changes are not shared with others, even if the canvas is unlocked.

Embed reports

Embedding reports works in exactly the same way as canvases. Just head to the Share menu in a report and select Get embed.

To create an embed of a single frame, just create a report with a single frame and copy the embed code for the report.

Permissions in embeds

Access to embeds is controlled by the same permissions model as the rest of Count. For private canvases, users will need to be signed in and authorized to view the canvas. (They'll be given an option to sign in if they're not already.) If you'd like to embed a canvas that can be seen by anyone, remember to Share to web from the Share menu in the canvas.

Warning: It's not possible to access private embeds from native/desktop applications. If you'd like to add embeds to these apps, you must select Share to web first.

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