Shapes and tools

So simple, so powerful.

When you aren't using cells, there's a good chance you'll be using shapes and tools to build out our canvas. The basic shapes available in the canvas are:

  • Rectangle

  • Line

  • Arrow

  • Connector

  • Ellipse

  • Pencil

You can access these shapes in the canvas toolbar..

Shape keyboard shortcuts

  • Hold down Shift when dragging to create perfect squares and circles.


To insert a rectangle, select the option from the toolbar, or use the shortcut R.

You can adjust the rectangle's fill color, stroke width and stroke color.

Adjust corner radius

On the top left corner of your rectangle, you'll be able to control the radius, or the curve, of your rectangle's corners.

Add text to a rectangle

You can type text directly into any rectangle without creating another text box. You can customize this text as you can the text in a text box.


To insert a line, select the line option from the canvas toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut l.

You can adjust a line's stroke width, color, and endpoints.


Connectors are lines or arrows that are attached to endpoints of other objects, meaning if you move one object the connector moves with it.

To create a connector between two objects you can either:

  1. Insert a connector from the toolbar, attach one end to one object, and drag the other end to another object

  2. When you select an object (e.g. a rectangle) you will see a + button appear next to the object. Clicking this button will create an identical object that is connected with a connector.

To adjust where a connector attaches to another object, you can drag the endpoint to another point on the object.

You can customize a connector's:

  • width

  • color

  • endpoints

  • whether it is rectilinear or straight


To create an ellipse, select the circle option from the canvas toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut o. To create a perfect circle, hold shift while resizing an ellipse.

You can customize an ellipse's color, edge width, and edge color.


To draw on the canvas, you can use the pencil tool. Select the pencil from the toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut p.

Hold down your mouse as you move it to draw on the canvas.

You can customize a pencil's width and color.

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