Custom visuals

For full power and flexibility.
If you want to make a more bespoke visual, this is possible via custom visuals.

How to create a custom visual

Steps 1-4 of creating a custom visual

1. Create a visual cell

See here for all ways to create a visual cell.

2. Select custom visual

In the design bar on the right there's an option to build a custom visual.

3. Select the data source

Select the data source you want to build your visual from, this can either be a table from your database or another cell.

4. Build up your visual

Custom visuals are really powerful and you can create almost any kind of visual - the following pages go into the specific areas of the visual builder;

5. Customize the visual

And finally, you can customize the visual further, including:
  • Add filters
  • Add a title
  • Etc
For more details see the customising a visual page.