The Groups tab allows workspace owners and admins to manage groups of workspace members.

Groups are a convenient way to manage common permissions for a set of users. For example, groups can be assigned roles in projects, or permissions on canvases and reports.

Workspace groups are available on the Enterprise plan.

Create a group

When creating a new group, you may assign the following options:

  • Name - the public name of the group displayed to other workspace members

  • Workspace role (optional) - members of this group will be assigned this workspace role (if it is higher than their individual workspace role).

Add group members

To add members to an existing group, expand it and select Add members:

Workspace guests cannot be assigned to groups, so will not appear in this list.

Delete a group

If a group is deleted, all group members remain members of the workspace, but:

  • Any workspace roles conferred on those users due to their group membership expire.

  • Any permissions assigned to those users due to their group membership cease to take effect.

Therefore you should be aware that while group deletion is a non-destructive operation, it may cause changes to permissions for group members that you do not expect.

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