Workspace settings

Control how your team uses Count.
The workspace settings screen consists of three tabs:
  • General settings
  • Members
  • Billing
Workspace settings are only editable by workspace owners.
Note: You can change your personal Count account settings from the avatar icon in the top right of the screen.

General settings

Workspace name

Workspace names can be any combination of letters, numbers and symbols (including emojis 👍). Name the workspace after your company or team.


You can whitelist specific website domains to give users with matching email addresses automatic access to your workspace.
Whitelisted users will automatically see an invitation to your workspace when they first create an account. If they do not accept the invitation to join, they will continue to see a pending invitation in the workspace selection menu.
If a whitelisted user doesn't have a Count account and is invited to a specific project or canvas they will also automatically become a workspace member.

Disable workspace guests

This setting prevents projects and canvases being shared with users who are outside of the workspace and do not have a whitelisted email address.
Turning this option on will instantly remove all guests from any projects or canvases and cannot be reversed.
This setting prevents users being able to share documents publicly.
Turning this option on will instantly un-share any public documents and cannot be reversed.

Disable query result saving

This settings prevents saving of query results, and prevents users from enabling this option within canvases. Enable this setting if you want to ensure that your data is never stored by Count.

Deleting the workspace

This requires explicit confirmation after the option is selected by typing in the name of the workspace.
Once deleted a workspace and its contents cannot be restored - please double check that the deletion is intentional!


The Members tab allows workspace owners to:
  • See all workspace members and guests.
  • Change the workspace role of a user.
  • Invite new members via email.
  • Remove users from the workspace.


During the beta period, most workspaces are not billed. If your workspace has begun a paid subscription, here workspace owners can:
  • Update their payment information.
  • Provide a Tax ID.
  • See their workspace balance.
  • See any historical invoices and outstanding payments.
More information on billing and workspace plans can be found in the Pricing FAQ.