Embed content from across the web.

Many websites can be embedded in Count such as Looker, Google Docs, Figma, YouTube and Loom, and many more. This allows you to collaborate with content in other platforms right inside the canvas.

To create an embed, click on the Media button in the control bar and select Embed link.

You can also embed content by pasting a URL or iframe snippet into the canvas.

Count attempts to unfurl the link and checks whether it allows itself to be embedded in other websites. Depending on the results of this, links are shown as:

  • Embeds if the link can be embedded.

  • Bookmarks if the link can't be embedded, but Count is able to unfurl metadata from the link.

  • Text links if the link can't be unfurled or doesn't exist.

Once you've added embeds you can view them by clicking the View/Play button. To deactivate click on the Stop button when the embed is selected.

Only one embed can be activated at any one time.

You can convert an embed into a bookmark by selecting Convert to bookmark when the object is selected.

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