Refresh database schema

When your database schema changes, make sure those changes are reflected in Count.

If the tables available to Count through its database credentials change, then you will need to ask Count to fetch the latest schema to see those changes reflected your workspace.

You can always query any table in your database, regardless of whether or not Count has fetched the latest schema.

Database schema can be refreshed by workspace admins or above.

Option 1: from the connection settings

Select your connection from the workspace home page, then Manage connection. The option to refresh the schema is available near the bottom of the page.

If your database contains a large number of tables, Count may not import all of them. To reduce the number of tables that Count attempts to import, an optional filter may be applied that is applied to the schema of the table.

This filter should be in the form of a Javascript regular expression, and only schema which match this expression will be included. For example, to only fetch schema that begin with the text "production", the filter should be ^production. To only fetch schema that end with the text "_prod", the filter should be _prod$.

To test your regular expression, you may want to use a free tool such as RegExr.

Option 2: from a canvas

You can also refresh the schema directly from the canvas by clicking the refresh icon in the data bar.

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