Organize your canvas with frames.
Frames are a way to organize your canvas into groups of objects.
The best features of frames are:
  • You can organize similar objects together (e.g. all the cells, notes, and visuals you used to do some data prep)
  • They can be any size, shape
  • They allow you to move many objects together as one
  • They can be hidden or shown in the canvas
  • They can be presented as a standalone output in Report mode
Insert a frame and add objects

Insert a frame

To add a frame, select it from the toolbar. Then drag the frame around the objects you want to be in the frame.
Once you have a frame, you can give it a name in the handle in the top left corner.

Adding objects to a frame

You can either:
  1. 1.
    drag the boundaries of a frame around an object to include it in a frame, or
  2. 2.
    drag the object itself into the frame boundaries
To remove an object from a frame, you must drag it outside the frame boundaries.

Moving a frame

To move a frame, select the frame either by selecting the frame handle in the top left, or a part of the frame that doesn't have an object. Then drag the frame where you want it to be.
If you click an object in the frame, you will only move that object instead of moving the entire frame.

Hiding a frame

To hide a frame, select the frame then click the eye icon.
The handle of the frame will remain visible.

Un-hide a frame

To unhide a frame, click the frame handle and select the eye icon.

Customizing a frame

For each frame you can specify:
  • the frame title,
  • the background color,
  • the edge color and width
  • whether it is visible or hidden
  • whether cell connections are shown or hidden

Frames within frames

Currently, you cannot have a frame within a frame. You can have a frame on top of another frame, so it is accessible within a frame, but it does not behave as if it is in the frame. This is most notably seen in reports that contain frames that can be unhidden to reveal more context or background information.

Troubleshooting frames

If an object is not moving with the frame as you think it should, or is not moving to front even after selecting 'move to front', then try this:

Select the object in question, drag it out of the frame and back inside the frame. It is possible for an object to appear to be in a frame, when it is not. This action will ensure the object is part of the frame.