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Adding comments

  • Anyone can add comments to a canvas or report, as long as they are a guest or member of the workspace.

  • To add a comment in a canvas, click the comment icon in the canvas toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut C, then click anywhere on the canvas to drop a comment.

  • Canvas comments are 'sticky' and will remain attached to the object they were dropped on. Comments can be moved to new objects by clicking and dragging them.


When writing a comment, you are able to mention any member of the workspace by typing the @ key - a searchable autocomplete list will appear. Press the Tab or Enter keys, or click an option to add a mention to your comment.

If you are a workspace guest, you are only able to mention workspace members already present in the comment thread.

Comment notifications

When submitting a comment, the following users will be sent an email:

  • The creator of the canvas

  • Anyone who has contributed a version of the canvas

  • Anyone who has commented in the current conversation

  • Anyone that is mentioned in your comment

If a user is no longer able to view the canvas they will not receive an email notification, even if they are mentioned.

To stop receiving email notifications about comments, disable them from the canvas menu:

Viewing comments

To view all open comments in a canvas, click the comment icon in the canvas toolbar, and the comments sidebar will open. Click on a comment to navigate to it in the canvas.

Resolving threads

When viewing a comment in the canvas, clicking the tick icon will resolve the thread:

This will move the comments in this thread to the Resolved section of the comment menu, but will not delete them.

Deleting threads

To delete the entire comment thread, choose the Delete thread option from the thread menu:

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