Navigating the canvas

How to get around the canvas

Zoom in/out

If you are using a trackpad, you can use the two-finger pinch to zoom in and out.
If you don't have a trackpad or prefer to use keyboard shortcuts you can use + / - to zoom in/out.

Move around the canvas

If you are using a trackpad you can use two fingers to move around the canvas.
If you're not using a trackpad, you can hold space and drag to pan the canvas using the hand cursor.

Correcting mistakes

The canvas contains an undo stack that allows you to undo or redo changes you've made in the canvas using Ctrl + Z / Cmd + Z to undo and Crtl + Shift + Z / Command + Shift + Z to redo.
In addition, Count automatically saves versions of the canvas periodically.

The Canvas UI


Located at the bottom of the screen, the toolbar contains all of the options for inserting content into the canvas.
On the left-hand side of the screen, the data sidebar shows all of the schemas and tables in your databases, as well as the cells in your canvas. Anything in the data bar is a valid query target.

Canvas controls

In the upper right, canvas controls contain items like reporting options, query caching and sharing.

Help menu

The help menu located in the lower right contains links to documentation, release notes and our in-app chat support.