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Dynamic text

Merge data + text
To embed data into your text that updates automatically, use dynamic text! Dynamic text behaves like normal text - it can be formatted, resized, placed in a header or list etc. However, the text content depends on the cell or table it is linked to. If the cell is updated, then so is the linked text.

Insert dynamic text

When focussed in some text (e.g. in a text box, a sticky note, or shape), you'll see a gauge icon. From there you'll be asked to enter the cell/table, column, and row you'd like to pull data from:
When a cell updates, any dynamic text linked to that cell will also update. This means if your canvas is connected to a control cell, whenever a user updates a value, all connected cells and dynamic text will update.
To edit linked text after it has been created, just hover over it again and click on the floating tooltip near it.
Make sure your referenced cell/table is ordered using an ORDER clause so you can ensure the row-order you want.