Single and multiple selects

How to add, connect, and share single and multi-select control cells.

1. Insert the control cell

Use the canvas toolbar to insert a single or multiple select control cell

2. Configure the control cell

For single and multiple-selects, you have several options for configuring the control cell.


This is the default option for these control cells - the values in the dropdown will be populated from the table or cell that you choose. The top 1000 entries will be shown, ordered by frequency. If another value is required that doesn't occur in the list, it can be entered manually.


If the values of this control cell do not need to change, it can be made static. Options can be entered manually and ordered arbitrarily. If the selected values should be interpreted as a number, select that option from the 'Format' list. In this case, any non-numbers will not be selectable.

3. Connect control cell to SQL

For multiple-select control cells, make sure to use the keyword IN rather than = since there will be more than one row in the resulting table.

4. Prepare for sharing

Depending on how these control cells might be used you may want to:

  • Place the control cells and visuals in a frame to make a report

  • Use it in your analysis to help with quick parameterization

5. To lock or un-lock

If you want your users to be able to edit control cells privately (e.g. you have many users, each wanting to use their own filters) then you should lock your canvas.

Otherwise, you can leave your canvas unlocked.

6. Enjoy!

If sharing as a report, users can now interact with and update the report using the control cells provided.

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