Looker integration

Import and query your Looker models within Count


Count's Looker integration is an enterprise feature. Please consult our Pricing page for more information.


Looker is a BI application that uses its modelling layer (LookML) to provide a single place to curate and govern business metrics.

Count's Looker integration allows you to import and leverage your LookML logic in Count.

Create and configure a Looker integration

In an existing database connection, select Manage connection, then select the Looker tab.

To connect you will need

  • Looker API URL: This is the unique URL that identifies the API access route for your Looker instance. Your Looker Admin should know how to find it. Read more about Looker API URLs here.

  • Client ID and secret: You will first need to create API credentials for Count to connect to your Looker instance with. Count will authenticate as this user, so configure permissions for that user in Looker appropriately. Read more about API authentication here.

Selecting models to import

Once your credentials have been verified you will need to select one or more models to import.

After you select a model and press Update, Count's servers will contact Looker and retrieve information on those models. This step can take several minutes.

Compiled query caching

Count uses Looker to generate SQL queries for your models. Each compilation step can take several seconds (depending on the number and complexity of compilations requested). Additionally, the Looker API has enforced rate limits to protect its own servers. To reduce compilation latency and the number of requests to the Looker API, you can optionally choose to save compiled SQL queries for 24 hours securely within Count's servers.

Querying through Looker

Once your models have been successfully imported from Count, you will be able to start querying them within a canvas.

Data bar

In a canvas, you will be able to see information on your Looker Explores, as well as when this information was last imported, in the left side data bar.

Using the dropdown or search bar you can navigate your Looker Explores, Views and Fields, and create cells from individual Fields by pressing the + icon.

Creating Looker cells

In a canvas, you can use two types of cell to query your Looker models:

To query your Looker models in these cells, select the Explore tab in the cell data source modal.

Then you can select (click or drag) the Looker fields from which you wish to create a query, as well as defining filters as well as other visual parameters, just as you would in a normal Low code or Visual cell.

Referencing Looker cells

Within a canvas, your Looker cell behave like any other cell, which means you can reference them and use them to start building your analysis.

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