Sticky notes

Jot down those ideas before they disappear.
Sticky notes are core to the canvas's collaborative and iterative nature. You can use sticky notes to:
  • brainstorm ideas with your team before starting a piece of work
  • make notes to yourself about why you chose to do an analysis a particular way
  • keep track of an ongoing to-do list
  • sort ideas into groups
  • get feedback on a canvas from a stakeholder

Insert a sticky note

You can use the toolbar to insert a sticky note, or use the shortcut s.
Drop the sticky note on the canvas wherever you want - but it's easy to move it once it's been placed.

Edit a sticky note

Once a sticky note is added you can type out our note.
You can use markdown shortcuts in a sticky note. See the text and markdown section for more detail.
You can also change the color of the sticky note.

Adding your name to a sticky note

By default, the sticky note you create will have your name in the bottom right. You can optionally turn that off and make the sticky note anonymous.

Re-sizing a sticky note

Like any other object, you can re-scale the sticky note to make it fit with your canvas as best as possible. When you do that the text in the sticky note will scale too.

Deleting a sticky note

Simply hit backspace to delete a sticky note!