Data snapshots

How to save your work...and your data!
To save a version of your canvas with all of the current query results, use data snapshots.
When a data snapshot exists alongside a version, it will be highlighted in the version history pane

How to enable data snapshots

To create data snapshots, first enable either Static or Scheduled query caching. See the following page for more information on query caching:

When are data snapshots created?

If static caching is enabled

A data snapshot is created when:
  • A new version is saved
  • Refresh all results is selected

If scheduled runs are enabled

A data snapshot is created when:
  • Your queries are executed due to the run schedule
  • Refresh all results is selected

Viewing old versions

Select an previously-saved version with a snapshot to see what the data and the canvas looked like at that time.

Restoring old versions

When restoring an old canvas version that contains a data snapshot, that snapshot will replace any current data snapshot for the canvas.