Project settings

The organisational unit of the Count workspace.
Projects organise your canvases and reports around a common data source and provide a space where multiple users can collaborate together.
Projects contain:
  • A list of canvases and reports.
  • A group of users who can access the project with different levels of permissions.
  • Optionally, a reference to a data source. If none is selected, then only CSV files can be analysed in the project.


The project home page shows all the canvases stored within the project.
To see available options for each canvas, right-click on the row, or click the menu icon.

Pinning canvases

You may pin any number of canvases to a project by clicking the Pin to project option in the notebook option menu. When a canvas is pinned it always appears above the canvas list.
Un-pin a canvas by right-clicking on the pinned canvas and select 'Remove from pinned'. If a canvas is moved to another project, it will not automatically be pinned in that project.
Use pinned canvases to highlight the main results you wish to emphasise in a project.

Managing data

Only project admins can change the data accessible by a project. Selecting the "Manage data" button on the project home page allows control of the data source accessible by canvases within the project.
You are able to connect any data source you have permission to view, even if the rest of the project members cannot normally view that source. Be aware that adding a data source to a project means that the other project members may be able to view information from this data source from within project canvases.

How canvases access data

Count runs all analysis on the database it is connected to. A canvas can only query one database at a time. Query results can be scheduled to re-run automatically or saved indefinitely based on the workspace settings.

Managing project access

The list of project members can be viewed from the "Manage access" button in the project home page.
Member access and permissions can be changed by project admins or workspace owners. All other project members can only see the member list.
There are two ways to share a project with users:
  1. 1.
    Giving workspace access
  2. 2.
    Inviting users via email

1. Giving workspace access

Project admins are able to set a workspace-wide permission to a project from the members list in the project. Whilst this permission is active the project will be accessible to every workspace Member and Admin (not Guests).
There are two options for workspace-wide access:
  • View access (everyone in the workspace becomes a Project Viewer)
  • Edit access (everyone in the workspace becomes a Project Editor)
Where a user has a specific project role already, their overall project role is determined by the most permissive of their specific role or the workspace-wide one.

2. Inviting users via email

Whether a new user can be invited to a project depends on the role of the user sending the invitation, the project settings, and the workspace settings.

Options for workspace admins and owners

Workspace admins and owners can invite users to a project as either admins (if the user is a workspace admin), editors or viewers.
If the workspace doesn't allow guests then only existing workspace users can be added to the project. If guests are allowed then any user can be invited to the project as a viewer.
If the user being invited is covered by the workspace domain whitelist, then this user can be invited as either an editor or a viewer and is automatically added as a workspace member (they cannot be added as a guest).

Options for workspace members and guests

Workspace members (who are both editors or viewers) and guests can invite users to the project as viewers, only if the "Allow sharing" option is enabled in the project settings. These users can be new or current members of the workspace. New users will become either workspace guests or members depending on the workspace domain whitelist settings.
More details on the different project roles can be found in the roles and permissions page.

Project settings

The project settings can be accessed from the "Manage project" button on the project home page, and are only accessible by project admins.
From this menu you can:
  • Change the project name
  • Delete the project
  • Control document sharing
  • Control secrets

Allow sharing

This setting determines whether users with editor or viewer permissions in a project can invite other users as viewers to the project or share individual documents with users outside the project.
By default this setting is on. If the setting is turned off, only admins can invite users to the project and share documents to users outside of the project.


Secrets defined here can be used in network requests in Python cells for canvases within this project.
The project secrets list is accessible from the project settings page.
Secrets can optionally have domains associated with them. If set, the secret will only be sent to these domains. Attempting to use the secret on a different domain will result in an error.