Intro to reports

How to transition from canvas to presentation.

What are reports?

Reports are a way to show frames from your canvas in a presentation-style format that is separate from the canvas.
This is ideal for:
  • Building and sharing slide decks based on findings in the canvas
  • Building and sharing interactive dashboards, notebooks, or data apps
Example of an interactive report in Report-mode
Example slide deck in Report-mode

How to create a report

Reports are built around Frames. So you can build what you want to share in a report in a Frame:
What will be shared in report mode

Select frames for Report-mode

In the Report button on the top right of the canvas, you'll see the option to select which frames to include in report mode:
It is common, as in this example, to exclude where you did your brainstorming or analysis. Hidden frames will not be accessible from Report mode by any users.

Sharing reports

Each report has it's own Share menu:
From there you have the option to:
  • Add individuals/project members as a Report-only viewer: they can only view the report, and not the underlying canvas
  • Add individuals/project members as a Canvas editor/viewer: which means they have edit/view access to the underlying canvas as well as the Report.
  • Make the Report viewable to anyone with a link (whether they have a Count account or not)