5. Share your findings

No analysis is an island.

When it comes to sharing what we've found, we have quite a few options depending on who we're communicating to and what we're communicating.

Before we decide on a format, we can decide exactly what we want our output to look like.

1. Explore templates to find an output that fits your needs

Count's template library has over 50 different output templates to choose from ranging including:

  • slide deck templates

  • dashboards

  • data-apps

  • quick insights (my personal favorite)

  • metric trees

  • scorecards

💡 When you add templates with empty visuals, you can drag your visual on top of the empty one and it will snap into place.

For our Spotify data, we'll add the 'Quick Insight' template under Recomended. Then we'll copy and paste our scatter chart and drag it over the empty visual:

From here we can tweak the Title and description and get our insight ready to be shared.

How to share

We can at this point share a few different ways, including:

  1. Share the whole canvas! Ideal if your work is just as important as the insight you've found.

  2. Share the report. Reports are a way to share a stripped-back part of your canvas in the form of a slide deck (or single slide). This is ideal if you will have many viewers and you don't want to distract them with your workings.

  3. Create an alert. Alerts let you send data or frames to subscribers via email, or Slack. Ideal if people need to see the same information on a schedule, or only when certain parameters are met.

In the Spotfy example, we're going to share as a canvas. To get things tidy, we can:

  1. Auto-layout our DAG for maximum readiblity (command/control + shift + L)

  2. Add sticky notes to improve readabililty

💡 You can learn more about sharing and permissions here.

And voila! Now we've quickly explored some data, found an insight, and shared our insights in a way that's easy to understand, tweak, and build upon.

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