What is Count?

Welcome to Count, the world's most collaborative data platform.
Count turns analytics into a team sport. It combines the collaborative experience of a virtual whiteboard (like Miro or Figma) with the power of your favourite SQL IDE and viz tool to create one place where data and business teams can work together, explore data, and solve problems fast.
Count is all about improving communication across the team to increase confidence and reduce unused analysis.
  • Iterate and get feedback quickly on deep dive or strategic analysis. Bring together the full business problem and data in the canvas to reach conclusions faster.
  • Showcase each step of your analysis or data model to get feedback and buy in from the wider team.
  • Present findings any way you wish: as a notebook, slide deck or something more exotic like a process flow map. Whatever you need to make your data story totally clear.

How is the Count canvas different from a traditional BI tool?

  • The canvas unifies the full analytics process and provides a single place for requirements gathering, prototyping, query writing, data modeling, visualization, reporting, and documentation.
  • The canvas is a real-time, multiplayer environment. Everyone sees all changes as they happen.
  • By offering stickies, text and commenting, the canvas invites everyone to be part of the analytics process, not just data professionals.
  • The infinitely flexible 2D space allows you to build anything you can think of in a pixel-perfect way. Dashboards, notebooks, reports, diagrams, infographics, etc. You are only limited by your imagination.
  • The cellular approach to data analysis allows for rapid development where you stay in flow.

How is canvas different from a digital whiteboard?

  • The Count canvas is connected to your data. As the data updates, charts and tables in canvas update.
  • Query parameterization allows users to filter data in a self-service manner
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