Export compiled SQL

Want to use your SQL somewhere else? We've got you covered.
If you want to export the SQL that generated a particular cell, you can use the Copy Compiled SQL option on that cell.
This will copy not only the SQL in that cell, but all of the cells it depends on as CTEs in the query.
The result is a query you can run directly on your database and get the same results.
SQL as cells vs Compiled SQL.

How to get the compiled SQL

If you right-click any cell, you will see a 'Copy Compiled SQL' option. This will copy the compiled SQL into your clipboard.
Copy compiled SQL from a cell.

How to use compiled SQL

  • Save a cell you built as a view in your database
  • Save a transformation you've done as a dbt model
  • Use a cell you've built in another canvas (without copying over each cell)
If you're using the Compiled SQL for a dbt model, you'll have to update any Jjinja parameters before you commit back to dbt.