Import dbt models

How to visualize, debug, edit, annotate, and share dbt models in Count.
The best way to import dbt models into Count is via our dbt integration. If you do not have a paid version of dbt Cloud (and therefore can't use the API) the instructions below can help you import dbt models manually.

1. Copy your model's compiled SQL

If you're using dbt Cloud, you can see the compiled SQL in the the docs section of their IDE:
dbt docs IDE
Or if you're using dbt Core, you can access your model's compiled SQL in your model's target/ directory:
Once you have your compiled SQL, make sure it's copied to your clipboard.

2. Paste into a new cell in the canvas

New cell with compiled SQL

3. Click
to explode CTEs into cells

DAG of connected SQL cells

Export back to dbt

To see how to export changes back to dbt, see the Export Compiled SQL page: