Import Google Sheets

How to bring in data from a Google Sheet into Count using BigQuery
If you have data in Google Sheets that you'd like to analyze in Count, follow these steps

1. Import your Google Sheet to BigQuery as a table

(a) In your BigQuery editor, select the 3 dots by a dataset and select "Create table"

(b) Fill in the details required to create a table from Google Sheets

NB: if your Google Sheet has a header row, remember under to select to skip 1 header row under "Advanced options"

2. Create a new view

You can do this by executing SQL query in your editor:
create table [new table] as (select * from [gsheet connected table])

3. Set up a scheduled query

If you'd like the data you use in Count to be up to date, set up a scheduled query at your desired interval (hourly is the most frequent).
This determines how frequently data from your Google Sheet is refreshed in Count. Be sure that the refresh frequency aligns with how often you expect edits to occur.
For more info on Scheduled queries in BigQuery, check out this page.

4. Refresh your data in Count & you're good to go!

If you already have BigQuery set up, you'll only need to refresh your schema to see your Google Sheet in your list of tables.
If you haven't yet connected BigQuery to Count, then you'll have to do that first. The following page contains the step-by-step instructions for connecting BigQuery to Count: