Cancel running queries


Count currently supports query cancellation for the following database connections:

Cancel queries in a canvas

If your role allows you to edit a canvas, and the canvas contains one of the supported databases above, the option to cancel all pending canvas queries will be available in the query menu:

Cancel queries in a connection

If your role allows you to edit a database connection, you are able to cancel all queries running in all canvases for that connection from the button at the bottom of the connection settings:

As this action can cause errors in many canvases, it must be confirmed from the pop-up dialog:

How query cancellation works

The effectiveness of cancelling a query from Count may depend on the database connection used, and when the cancellation was requested.

The lifetime of a query proceeds as follows:

  • A query is submitted from a canvas and queued up to be executed - cancelling within this window will always succeed, though this time period is often short.

  • Count requests a slot from your database to execute the query - cancelling within this window will always succeed, and the duration of this period can vary depending on your database and the current load on it.

  • The query is submitted to your database - cancellation from Count is not always guaranteed for some database types, though the cancellation request is always sent to your database.

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