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Focus mode [BETA]

How to stay focused during an analysis.
Focused mode is a way to interact with the canvas that's optimized for those moments when you want to stay focused on your analysis and nothing else.

How to use focus mode

When you create a new cell, you will zoom into that cell and you will have entered focus mode. From there you can use shortcuts to do your analysis including:

When editing a cell's SQL input:

  • Run query: Shift + enter
  • Exit editor: Escape

When a cell is selected (but you are not editing the SQL):

  • Edit SQL: Enter
  • Move to cell (⬆/⬇/⬅/➡): Cmd/Ctr + arrow
  • Select cell (⬆/⬇/⬅/➡): Cmd/Ctr + Shift + arrow
  • Insert SQL cell (⬆/⬇/⬅/➡): Option + arrow
  • Insert visual (⬆/⬇/⬅/➡): Option + shift + arrow

When multiple cells are selected:

  • Group cells: Cmd/Ctr + G
  • Enclose in a frame: Cmd/Ctr + Option + G
  • Layout cells: Cmd/Ctr + L
You can find all these shortcuts on the bottom right of the screen when you have a cell selected.

How to exit focus mode

At any point, you can zoom out and use the canvas toolbar to add and control objects.

How to give feedback on Focus mode?

Drop us a note in Slack, or send us an email!