Query caching and scheduled queries

How to control when your queries run.

Enable caching in your workspace

Caching must first be enabled in your workspace settings.
Query caching is only available on paid plans.

Set your canvas caching settings

In the top right of the canvas you'll notice a play button. Clicking it will open the option to Refresh all results or view Caching settings.
Access query execution settings from the icon in the canvas navigation bar

Caching settings

In the caching settings menu, you'll see three options for your caching your queries:

Live Data

With this setting, whenever your canvas or report is opened, the queries in any visible frames will be sent to the database, ensuring the most up-to-date data possible.


With this setting, queries will not run unless edited or forced to re-run. This is the least 'fresh' option of all, but the most appealing if you want very query queries to run on your database.


The best of both worlds. With this setting you can set when you want the queries to refresh in your canvas or report. Once they have been updated, they won't run again unless edited, forced to re-run, or until the next scheduled update time.