Locking the canvas

Lock it down.
If you want to prevent anyone from making edits to your canvas, you can lock it. This is different from locking specific objects in the canvas. Locking the canvas essentially turns off real-time collaboration and allows users only to move around the canvas, add comments, and edit control cells.

Why lock a canvas?

You may decide to lock a canvas for a few reasons:
  • Many people will be viewing the canvas and you don't want anyone accidentally (or intentionally) changing anything.
  • You have control cells that many people will be editing at the same time
Locking the canvas does not affect how your queries are run - only caching can manage that.

How to lock a canvas?

In the canvas settings menu you'll see the option to Lock the canvas:
When you lock a canvas, the control bar will shrink to only allow:
  • Cursor changes
  • Comments
You will also not be able to see anyone else in the canvas when the canvas is locked. It will always appear like you are the only one in the canvas.

How to unlock a canvas?

To unlock the canvas, you can go to the same canvas settings menu: