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What are templates?

Templates are quick-start options that get you great looking, functional assets in the canvas with as little effort as possible. They contain the building blocks necessary to address many of your top use cases. You simply insert a template then customize to fit your needs by changing SQL, inserting visuals, copy-pasting elements and deleting anything unnecessary.

Inserting templates

Access the template library from the left-hand sidebar, where it is possible to filter and search for templates. Insert a template either by clicking on it or dragging it onto the canvas.
The template library

Using templates

There are lots of different templates with different uses. Some of them are for processes like collaboration or prototyping, and others are full blown report templates. When you insert your template, here are the main actions you should take to customize it to your needs:
Deleting unneeded assets: Templates may contain things you don't need. For example, the slide deck template includes many different types of slides. Simply delete the ones you don't want, and copy the ones you wish to use more than once.
Copying assets: See something you like, but want more of it? Simply select it and copy-paste to duplicate and arrange however you wish.
Inserting visuals: Many templates contain placeholders for visuals. Simply drag and drop a visual into the placeholder to insert it into the template.
Last modified 6mo ago