Count docs

Customizing the canvas

Make the canvas work for you.
Depending on your preference, you can customize the look and feel of the canvas.

1. The Grid

You can turn the background grid on and off in the upper right-hand corner. This turns it off just for you.

2. Show/hide cell connectors

You can decide to show or hide all cell connectors within a canvas. By default, any cells that reference one another will have a connector between them to denote their connection.
Turning this feature off will make them appear as floating cells until they are selected when their connections will always appear.

3. Snap-to-grid

By default, your elements will 'snap to grid' to help you keep things aligned. For fine control, you can turn this off in your canvas settings menu.

4. Background color (coming soon)

Soon you'll be able to select the background color of the entire canvas.

5. Default color schemes (coming soon)

Soon you'll be able to select the color scheme of the canvas. This will make it easier to keep your canvas on brand.