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The Count notebook is built for more than just static reports. Making your notebooks interactive transforms your notebook into a dynamic, reactive document.

What are interactive controls?

Interactive controls are special cells that enable readers to interact with a published notebook. Each control produces a table of one or more values that your readers can edit, that can be referenced just like any other cell.
You can create the following types of interactive controls:
  • Text input - a free-form text entry field.
  • Number input - an input which only allows numbers.
  • Date picker - a control which allows selection of a single day.
  • Single select - a drop-down to allow selection of a single element of a column (max 1,000 results).
  • Multiple select - a drop-down to allow selection of multiple elements from a column (max 1,000 results).
If a notebook is not published, readers must have edit access to be able to interact with controls.

How to add an interactive control

To add a control cell click the 'Add block' button, select 'Control', and then the type of control cell.
Adding a control cell
For Text inputs, Number inputs, and Date pickers, there's nothing else to do.
For single and multiple select controls, you'll need to select a column from your data tables or other cells to select values from:
Configuring a single/multiple select

How to connect your control cell to other cells

Once you've added an interactive control to your notebook, you can feed it into your queries
A control is very similar to other cells. It has:
  • A name
  • A title (optional)
  • A single output column called value
So to add the control to the logic of your query you can reference it like any other cell. You can use arbitrary SQL logic to manipulate the value from the control cell, and controls cells appear everywhere else you see cells, such as the cells list in the data bar, and the dependencies are displayed in the structure tab.
Referencing control cells

Controls in published mode

Interactive controls allow your notebook readers to interact with the notebook. When the notebook is published, for each control cell:
  • The description and name are hidden
  • The control value defaults to the same value as it had in unpublished mode
  • When a reader changes the value of a control cell, that value is not saved
Control cells in published notebooks
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What are interactive controls?
How to add an interactive control
How to connect your control cell to other cells
Controls in published mode