Notebook overview
Where the magic happens.


Notebooks are the heart of Count. They are a powerful, flexible tool that changes the way you find and share insights with your team.

Unpublished mode

When you create a notebook it will appear in unpublished mode. Unpublished notebooks are fully editable by anyone with edit access to the notebook.
A notebook must be unpublished in order to make edits.
In unpublished mode you can:
To share a notebook, you can use the Share menu. Anyone with edit access will be able to edit the notebook, and anyone with view access will only see a view-only version of the notebook.
If you want to update a notebook that you have forked from, click Merge instead of Publish. Publish will publish a new version of your notebook instead of updating the original. Read more about publishing and merging in Version control.

Published mode

When you publish a notebook the default appearance of the notebook will change:
  • All visible cell inputs (SQL and drag/drop) will become invisible.
  • Any linked text will be displayed as the computed value rather than the cell reference.
  • The side bars will disappear.
If the person viewing your published notebook does not have permission to edit notebooks in the project, they will not see the 'View code' toggle