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Text and media
Analysis is more than just numbers.


To add a text block, first click the 'Add block' button above or below any cell, then select the 'Text' option.
Adding a text block
Text blocks support rich text, including headers, formatting, and lists. Highlight text or use the 'Style' pane to select formatting options.
Formatting text
You can also use some markdown shortcuts to quickly insert styles, including:
  • #[space] : Header 1
  • ##[space] : Header 2
  • ###[space] : Header 3
  • -[space] : bullet point
  • >[space] : blockquote
  • ``` : code block


You can upload images to the notebook by inserting an image block:
Adding an image
Count supports images in png, jpeg or gif formats up to a maximum file size of approximately 1 MB.
You can re-size images in the notebook by clicking on the image and dragging the handles.
Resizing images


You can embed videos from third-party video services using a video block:
Embedding videos
To update the video embed URL, either delete the block and add a new one, or click the option menu to the left of the video.
Updating the video URL
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