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Visual customization

How to get your visual exactly how you want.

But first...

All visual customization is currently done in the full custom visual view. This means you'll need to click to expand the visual if you aren't in the full visual mode:
How to get into the full visual view
To learn more about the custom visual view, check out this page:


To adjust the colors on your graph you can use your mark menu.

Adjust the color of all marks:

In a mark menu, you can click the menu button next to the Color field. This will open the color picker:
Change the color of a mark

Color by value:

To have different colors for different values, you can map a column onto a mark's color field and adjust the color palette from the Color menu again:
Color by a specific column
You can map a continuous or discrete column on the Color field.

Axis formatting

To customize the axis, you can use the axis menu.
How to get to the axis menu
From this menu you can:
  • Change the axis title
  • Sort the axis
  • Adjust the axis scaling (e.g. Linear vs Logarithmic)
  • Adjust the axis range (min and max values)
  • Reverse the axis
  • Format the axis labels (e.g. .3=>30% or $105943 => $100K)

Axis spacing

For any categorical axes, you can adjust the spacing between values by dragging your mouse until you see the resize tool. Then click and drag up and down to increase or decrease the sizing between marks:

Rotate axis labels

If you want to rotate axis labels, you can right-click the axis and select 'Rotate labels'. You can right-click again to rotate back.
Rotate labels

Hiding/Unhiding an axis

If you want to hide an axis, you can do so by right-clicking the axis in the full visual builder and selecting 'Hide axis'

Data labels

Soon you'll be able to add data labels with one click.
In the meantime, this tutorial walks through how to add data labels to your visuals using text marks:

Legend formatting

Legends will appear by default if you add any columns to the Color or Size fields.
Legend custom formatting is coming soon!


Currently anything in the Detail field of your mark will appear in your tooltip.
Soon, you'll be able to customize the field names and values visible.

Graph styling

In the visual builder, you'll notice a Style tab. This is where you can manage the styling of the visual itself (not the data).
With this menu you can customize:
  • The background colors of the graph (Sheet + Pane)
  • The divider lines (Divider)
  • Whether (and how) the 0 mark on a continuous axis is formatted
  • Tick marks (size, style and color)
  • Spines and Grids (size, style, and color)
Moreover, you can adjust some of these for all axes (x and y) or just one or the other.